Live Betting On Football – Is It The Evolution of Gambling?

Nowadays we’re more technically advanced than ever, we are connected to the Internet 99.9% of the time, we have smartphones that allow us to do pretty much anything, anytime, anywhere. It’s only logical that this will affect our habits.

Consuming information 24/7, it’s only reasonable for us to find ways to use all of this knowledge somehow. Aside from that, we’ve become somewhat lazy. We want things to be a few clicks away from happening. Our habits have become intertwined with the devices we use. Of course, this has made its impact on betting.

It’s a sort of mutual agreement – we want to have as many opportunities to bet as possible, and bookmakers strive to reach and appeal to as many people as possible. And that’s how we got here – we can do anything online, and bookies will offer us all we want and even more. One of this great opportunities we can take advantage of today is in-play betting!

It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to wait until the game actually starts and then create a strategy and decide what to put their money on.

That’s obviously smart. You can observe the teams’ performance at the moment and take advantage of the positives. You have so many options to bet on. Bookies become very inventive when it comes to winning customers over. You can bet on who will get a yellow card next, which team will win a corner kick, who will score the next goal, and so on, and so forth.

With so much online streaming platforms available to us, we can keep up with the latest and greatest achievements of our favourite teams. There’s no worries that we’ll miss a match, or that our only possible course of action is to place a bet pre-game.

God bless!

Handicap Betting Explained

Handicap bets, or as they are commonly referred to – line betting, are a common practice in sports where the results are based on points. This means you can place handicap bets on football, basketball, hockey, and so on. These bets are quite popular in horse racing as well.

They reflect the way a bookmaker decides to give lower or higher odds to certain teams so as to even the field, a.k.a. adding points to the teams less likely to win. Let’s imagine Argentina’s national team is playing against Bulgaria’s. The former is more likely to win so the bookmaker gives Bulgaria 4-0 advantage. If you now place a handicap bet on Argentina and they only win by 3-0, your stake is lost – the bookie sees the result as 3-4 in Bulgaria’s favour.

These handicaps could be graphically presented as follows:

Argentina (-4) evens
Handicap tie (-1) 9/4
Bulgaria (+4) 2/1

It’s important to note that handicaps apply only to your chosen selection.

If the bookie finds the two teams evenly matched, the term ‘scratch’ will be used and no handicaps will be applied.
An interesting variations is the handicap league betting where you place a handicap bet on a team’s performance throughout a season. You stake your bet at the beginning of it based on given odds. Usually a scratch is given to the favourites, whereas the other teams are given handicaps according to the bookmaker’s expectations and predictions. The difference here is that you need to apply the handicaps to all teams, and not only to your chosen one, in order to calculate the results of your bet at the end of the season.

The purpose of handicaps is to make games with an obvious favourite a tad more enticing, so that people would be interested in betting on them.

Why People Love Yankee Bets

Today we’ll take a closer look in the oh so popular Yankee bet! But what is it exactly? It is a full-coverage bet that requires some know-how beforehand.

Allegedly, this system was named after an American soldier who once staked a small amount of money in an English pub. Somehow things worked out in his favour and he took home hundreds of thousands!

This wager is made up of 11 bets on 4 picks in different events – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold accumulator, which means that all possible winning outcomes are included. At least two of the selections must be successful for you to have return on your investment.

When putting money on a single selection, that exact sum will be applied to all bets. If you tell your bookie you’re going for a €2 Yankee, your overall stake will be €22.

Let’s say you’re betting on football. You have chosen 4 teams: Barcelona (A), Arsenal (B), Milan (C), and Paris Saint-Germain (D). Your double selections will be as follows AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD, the trebles – ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD, and the fourfold accumulator is ABCD.

The idea behind the double bets is that both of the teams grouped together should win for the bet to be successful, and the same logic applies for the treble and the fourfold.

As you can see Yankee bets are quite interesting. They are the right choice for those who support the favourites. They have low odds by default so you have to put a large stake to get a big return. If you’re looking into backing up underdogs this might not be the best choice as it is very risky, but if you do place a Yankee bet on unpopular teams with high odds and even only 2 of your selections are successful, the payback will be generous.