Today we’ll take a closer look in the oh so popular Yankee bet! But what is it exactly? It is a full-coverage bet that requires some know-how beforehand.

Allegedly, this system was named after an American soldier who once staked a small amount of money in an English pub. Somehow things worked out in his favour and he took home hundreds of thousands!

This wager is made up of 11 bets on 4 picks in different events – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold accumulator, which means that all possible winning outcomes are included. At least two of the selections must be successful for you to have return on your investment.

When putting money on a single selection, that exact sum will be applied to all bets. If you tell your bookie you’re going for a €2 Yankee, your overall stake will be €22.

Let’s say you’re betting on football. You have chosen 4 teams: Barcelona (A), Arsenal (B), Milan (C), and Paris Saint-Germain (D). Your double selections will be as follows AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD, the trebles – ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD, and the fourfold accumulator is ABCD.

The idea behind the double bets is that both of the teams grouped together should win for the bet to be successful, and the same logic applies for the treble and the fourfold.

As you can see Yankee bets are quite interesting. They are the right choice for those who support the favourites. They have low odds by default so you have to put a large stake to get a big return. If you’re looking into backing up underdogs this might not be the best choice as it is very risky, but if you do place a Yankee bet on unpopular teams with high odds and even only 2 of your selections are successful, the payback will be generous.

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